Kay Francis

Today is Kay Francis’ birthday. Kay isn’t as well known today as other actresses of her time but she was just as great. In the 30s she reigned supreme during the infamous pre code era in film. She was the perfect actress for melodramatic dramas but could surprise you in a comedy like The Goose and the Gander. Kay is also best known perhaps for her film wardrobe. She was quite the clotheshorse always decked out and wearing slim body hugging gowns like that amazing sequined slinky dress in one of her better films Mandalay. And sure she also couldn’t pronounce her ‘Rs’

Kay Francis in Mandalay

                                                      Kay Francis in Mandalay

She was actually one of the first classic actresses I was intrigued with. If I remember correctly TCM showed quite a few of her films in 2007. I’m not sure if this was when she was Star of the Month, I’m pretty sure I was a fan by then, and I was just enthralled with her. I haven’t looked back since and can say I have seen just about every single one of her films. I wish she was more well known but I suppose her studio Warner Brothers putting her into B movies later on in her career, in an effort to make her quit, could have something to do with it. Much like Norma Shearer quitting movies early on. Nevertheless here’s to you Kay Francis you wonderfully, beautiful creature.


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