Gone With the Wind on the Big Screen


I’m one of those people that have a bucket list, only mine is related to classic film. There are tons of places I want to see and most importantly films I want to see on the big screen. There arn’t showings where I live very frequently, if at all, so when it happens it’s special. So far I’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Wizard of Oz(three times!) City Lights with orchestra, It Happened One Night, and Singin’ in the Rain.

Gone With the Wind was always my number one dream and I honestly never thought it would happen. So when TCM announced they were celebrating the 75th anniversary by having nation wide screenings I think I cried. I know I bought tickets before the commercial even ended.

I went to the first showing on September 28 at 2 pm. It was a theater I wasn’t too familiar with, had to get directions, and it ended up being located in a really great city I hope to visit more often. I arrived an hour early mostly to allow myself time to find the theater and to get a good seat in the front so I could really just take in everything. When I got there a line was already formed! I was so happy interest was out there for this film.

I got to sit where I wanted and when Gone With the Wind rolled across the screen and Tara’s Theme played I had to hold back tears. I never dreamed I’d get to see this on the big screen in all of it’s glory.

Before going I was a little daunted by sitting there for four hours but it didn’t feel that long AT ALL. If anything it flew by and felt like an other movie. It was interesting watching on the big screen because I was forced to sit and watch the whole thing without distraction or interruptions. Usually when I watch the film at home I get up or do chores but watching it all the way through was something I haven’t done in a while. It made me notice things I haven’t noticed before which I thought was impossible being a lifelong watcher of this film. But it happened. I ended up connecting the scene where Rhett wakes up Scarlett from a nightmare and she mentions that in her dream she couldn’t find something and there was tons of mist and she was looking for something. One of the final scenes in the film has Scarlett running through the mist calling out to Rhett. I wonder if they are connected?

I’m just so grateful I’ve had this opportunity. Thanks to TCM and Fathom Events. Please keep showing classic films!


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