It’s Book Fair Season!

Last year's finds!

Book fair season is upon us. Why am I bringing up book fairs here? Well, it’s where I find almost every old hollywood related book I own! As you can see in the above photo one day of browsing book fairs can be quite successful in great finds. Not sure where to find book fairs in your area? Google ‘book fairs in (insert your city here)’ and results should pop up!

Every year I visit the Greater St. Louis Book Fair and various fairs held by my local libraries. Libraries always have amazing prices and you can sometimes find killer steals. Larger books fairs not held by libraries can be more expensive but still affordable. Not only will you find great biographies and picture books on your favorite old hollywood stars but they also most of the time have movies and cds! Most of the videos you see pictured were only 50 cents! Every year I find so many great finds that I end up having an armful of books! Bring tote bags or boxes to help you hold your books. I learned that the hard way lol.

So head out to your local book fairs this year and you might find something you have always wanted! Have fun browsing! And don’t forget to show up early to get first selection!

Book Fair Checklist:

  • Find local book fairs in your area by searching online or looking in your newspaper.
  • Make sure to bring  a tote bag or a box to fill up with your finds! There is no way you can carry everything, believe I know!
  • Bring smaller bill amounts such as $1s, $5s,  & $10s. Most items are very cheap so small bills are easier. But bring a $20 just in case you end up spending $70 like I always do lol.
  • Bring a friend! Two are better than one. I bring my sister to help me find books faster or even ones I have overlooked.
  • Get up early and arrive 20 minutes before the book fairs opens, sometimes even earlier for larger book fairs.
  • Hit up the biographies/entertainment/misc. sections first. This is where I find everything.
  • Next check out the media section where the videos and cds are located. You will find great films ranging from 50 cents-$4.00! Mostly I find videos, but hey if it’s a film you’ve always wanted to see why not? And plus there are some films that are not on dvd yet!
  • Most importantly have fun! Book fairs can be very busy and there are people everywhere. So don’t get pushy, be polite, and you may even strike up a conversation with someone with the same interests as you!
  • Lastly, I hope everyone find something great they’ve always wanted. 🙂


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