Why Be Good?

Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow graces pre code documentary cover

Trace the fascinating history of sex and sin in early cinema through rare archival footage and revealing interviews with Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson, Louise Brooks and many others. Narrated by Diane Lane.

Colleen Moore

Colleen Moore in Why Be Good?

Pre code cinema has always fascinated me. So I found this documentary on Netflix and decided to rent it. This doc was produced by Hugh Hefner so I wasn’t expecting much. During the beginning and in between this biography Hefner’s ex Holly Madison is dressed as a flapper and trying to dance in 1920s style. I could have done without that! But I think it was an overall ok documentary. It didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know already but I think it’s great for beginners that may not know much about this fascinating era in film, this is a great place to start. Video interviews of Louise Brooks are featured and there is audio of Gloria Swanson and Mary Pickford sharing their experiences during this time in film. I was disapointed they weren’t all video. But if you love this era in film as much as I do rent it!


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